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Call to order

Due to the large volume of customers we have during lunch hour we only take to go orders before 11:30am and after 2:30pm. You can call ahead for a pickup for anytime you would like but our staff will be unreachable during lunch hours.

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What is Pho? (FUH)

Pho is considered to be the "national dish" of Vietnam and without a doubt its popularity in the US is coinciding with the excitement in the streets of Vietnam. We took the traditional pho dish and twisted it Americana style by adding many non-traditional herbs and vegetable choices.

Like Sandwiches?

Try one of our Banh Mi today! It is a French influenced baguette sandwich which is very popular street food in Vietnam. We bake all of our bread in house and we smoother your protein choice with pickled daikon and carrot, cilantro, jalapenos, onion, chicken pate and mayo. Check out our protein choices here.

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